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Aug 31, 2021

Dr. Jane Vella and Rebecca Hutchins talk with Dan Haase, Associate Lecturer at Wheaton College, about the axiom “Hold the opposites” (aka “Fold the opposites”).  Dan first learned about Jane’s work years ago when his book group decided to read “Taking Learning to Task”. He became a quick convert to the principles and practices of Dialogue Education and is now a valued member of GLP’s international Certified Network. Jane and Dan share stories of deep learning from both their personal and professional lives on living in the tension between the opposites.

In this episode, Jane credits the alternative form of this axiom, “Fold the Opposites” to Karen Ridout – a past owner and beloved colleague for many years. Karen passed away in February of 2018. We will continue to appreciate and reflect on the important contributions Karen made for years to come.

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